Verónica Maldonado was recognized recently as one of the Transformational Women of 2022, by Family Business Magazine. Veronica was specifically recognized for employing ESG principles (environmental, social, and governance) to break new ground for her family business in governance.

Verónica Maldonado grew up in Venezuela, embedded in the family’s agricultural and industrial business. During the presidency of Hugo Chavez, the state confiscated the ranch that for 100 years had been the heart of the family business. The family made the gut-wrenching decision to rebuild the business in the United States, where they bought a new operating company and real estate investments.

Maldonado, a fourth-generation family leader, today serves as board chair for the business, GEMIS Family Companies. It is diversified in three main areas: an operating company (Indian River Select Juices), real estate investments and an investment portfolio. In addition, it has international activities in Venezuela and South Africa.

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