Second, third, fourth and fifth generation.
Maldonado Family
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precursor of anthropology
in Venezuela

Dear readers: it is an honor to put at your disposal this first exhaustive analysis of the anthropological work of Samuel Darío Maldonado. An editorial product resulting from governance and family cohesion, to assess the contributions of Samuel Darío Maldonado in Venezuelan sociology and anthropology at the dawn of the 20th century.
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Maldonado Family
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With more than 100 years of experience building on the legacy of its founders, the Maldonado Economic Group (GEM) is a family enterprise of Venezuelan origin currently being led by its fourth generation. With deep historical roots, committed dedication to social responsibility and a clear vision of the future, it develops its community work in the areas of education, music, arts, culture and environmental preservation. The Maldonado Economic Group (GEM) focuses its economic activity towards three important sectors:

  • Manufacture and commercialization of juices, organic foods and dairy products.
  • Administration of sustainable cattle and buffalos for the production of organic milk and meat.
  • Real estate in the United States and abroad.