Book: Walter Arp Rara Avis

Rara Avis


Walter Arp

Government of Carabobo, Notitarde. Valencia, 2009, 118 pages.



Publication made at the initiative of Milagros Maldonado on the life and work of the Valencian painter Walter Arp, which brings together a compendium of his works from his ornithological classification. It has texts by Sergio Antillano, Natalia Díaz, Gonzalo Medina, Arnaldo Rojas and prologue by Eugenio Montejo, who writes: “Arp knows that next to the bird’s enigmatic presence is the environment where it develops, its habits, its secrets. And he also knows that painting its images requires such knowledge, such coexistence. It can be said, therefore, that while he has tried to achieve mastership in the art of capturing the shapes, he has also deepened in the teaching that arises from the daily coexistence with birds. And, if the birds are really signs that move in the air, we can say that Arp has devoted his life to the artistic recreation of figures, and at the same time has verified in himself how his company provides a special sense to his existence”