Book: Various works

Various works.


Author: Samuel Darío Maldonado

Library of Subjects and Authors Tachirenses Nº 9, 1961, 308 pages.



Compilation of essays that groups topics of anthropology, ethnology, education and health, among many others. This publication illustrates the various interests and working practices to which Samuel Darío Maldonado dedicated himself. Of interest in this publication Por el Amazonas (For the Amazons), a report made on his journey as governor of the State in 1911, Ensayo de sociología venezolana (Essay on Venezuelan Sociology) in which he presents his criteria on the sociological development of the nation, the Report and Account he presented as Minister of Public Instruction in 1909 or Ensayo sobre las cordilleras andinas venezolanas (Essay on the VenezuelanAndes mountain ranges), where he narrates his ascent to the Pico Espejo. The book also contains the essay Defensa de la Antropología General y de Venezuela (Defense of General Anthropology and Venezuela), published in 1906, regarding the discussion he held with José Gil Fortoul, about the content of the book El hombre y la historia (The Man and History).