Book: Figuration and Invention

Figuration and Invention

Exhibition catalog

Museo de Bellas Artes – Seguros La Previsora, Publicaciones Degal, Valencia, 2004, 120 páges.



Catalog that records the exhibition held at the Museum of Fine Arts on the occasion of the celebration of 90 years of the Fundación La Previsora. The curatorship of the exhibition was done by Bélgica Rodriguez, who organized the exhibition based on essential figures for national art: Armando Reverón, Héctor Poleo, Mario Abreu, Jacobo Borges and Pedro Centeno Vallenilla. Its prologue is by the author Adriano González León, who writes: “Lights and darkness are mixed with the fantasizing universe of Christopher Columbus, El Dorado and the dazzle of the Land of Grace. Then, it is not strange that a brilliant artistic activity has been developed in Venezuela, to honor myths and skills that today praise the imagination.